Responsible Gambling

Gambling has been there since ancient times. Gambling means playing cards or slot machines in exchange for money. The parties invest a certain amount of money, and the one who wins gets the money. In slot machines or jackpot machines, it depends on your luck whether you win or not. Gambling addiction is getting very common nowadays. More and more men are getting addicted to gambling. The brain receives rushed energy hormones like dopamine, and there is an adrenaline rush inside their body that they stop thinking about what they are doing.

Gambling is always the shortcut to gain quick money. If the luck favored you initially by winning the betting games, it doesn’t mean you will always win. If gambling gives you enough money quickly, then in the future, you may end up losing more money than what you gained within a fraction of seconds.

Around 0.2 to 0.5 percent of the population is affected by the problem of betting addiction. Gambling addiction is a severe issue that brings cognitive changes in the behavior of the person. One won’t think of anything else other than gambling once that person becomes a gambling addict. A person who is an addict can go to the great extent of spending money. Addicts are prone to even mortgaging their own home or car just for betting. This addiction can also affect the mood of the addict and can cause mood swings, anger, frustration, depression, anxiety, and stress disorders.

What is Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction can be hazardous. If you live close to Las Vegas, you are very much accustomed to the casino culture prevailing there. Though gambling is fun and even lucrative at times, it can also be quite dangerous. One who lives close can become an addict very quickly. More importantly, if their family and friends are involved in betting, it becomes effortless for them to become an addict. Like drug addiction, betting addiction is dangerous. Gambling addiction needs expert advice and treatment. One will need to go to a therapist for treatment.

It is pretty challenging to overcome the addiction to gambling. You need to take care of the gaming schedule and control yourself indulging in the game. The control will prevent you from getting involved in gambling games.

To know how to do responsible betting, one needs to know the signs and symptoms of becoming a gambling addict, how to prevent betting addiction, how to play responsibly, where to contact when you or anyone has become an addict, how to ask for help, what are the stages for gambling addiction development. All you can see is the gambling game and think about it all the time. Try to understand the symptoms and ask people about them. Their opinion matters, and you can save yourself from getting involved in the game and prevent the addiction. If you once get addicted, you will face a lot of difficulties to overcome it. Hence, prevention is always better than cure. Have a survey about gambling addiction, and you will understand it.

How to prevent Gambling Addiction?

  • Time Management

Time management is critical in gambling so that it will be helpful for you in making time for the other activities as well and prevent becoming addicted to over gambling. Time management can be beneficial in many ways. One can control excess expenditure if there is proper time management. Gambling, if done within a specific limit of time it can help in reducing stress. You can plan your visit before going, and then your mind gets ready about how much it will spend on that day and how much time you will spend on gambling. But if you don’t keep any time limit to betting, you will start getting addicted to it even more. Hence make sure to give proper time to your professional work and personal life rather than spending the entire time on gambling and games. The more you play, the more you will lose time.

  • Limit your money

It is always wise to limit the cash you want to spend on gambling. You can take the money you will pay for gambling and leave you home without taking your cards from where you can withdraw money. You can also use a separate wallet for gambling. It will help you limit the cash you will spend, leave your home with that wallet, and help you take control over your spending.

You have to be even more careful when you start losing money. The more you lose, the more you will be tempted to play more and invest more money. Don’t take the risk. Gambling is only for fun and not to depend on it and spend your daily wages. Have the correct and keep the limited amount for the game, which would not bother much even if you lose the money. No play further and not indulge yourself in it once you lose that amount. You need to leave it then and there and proceed with your daily routine work.

  • Play it for fun

Do not take up gambling as a habit. You can go once in a while and then gamble for some time; don’t make it a practice of every day. A good way of earning for the casinos is that people get hyped up when they lose and try to gamble as many times as they can to win. It is dangerous, yes you can chase your loss 1 or 2 times, but after a point, you need to control your senses and realize when it’s no more fun. Also, if you take it lightly, the chances of getting disheartened to get less like you can consider it a fun activity and expect to spend all the cash you take for gambling. This way you will be more satisfied. You won’t have the urge to go gambling again and again. You cannot depend on it for the daily wages. The chances of winning the gambling games are significantly less and rare. Hence self-control is the only key.

What are the Reasons which Increases Gambling Addiction?

  • Biological Reason – One who has low impulse management can get without problems hooked on playing. Those tormented by a few types of trauma or illness can also locate their break out in playing. Genetics can affect gambling addiction if your mother and father have playing dependency; it’s far viable, which you may get too. Understand the present situation and the present scenario of yourself and then decide where you stand in life regarding gambling.
  • Gambling With References – If you’re someone dwelling in a place that has many casinos and regions for playing, then it turns very smooth to turn out to be a playing addict. It is probably feasible that your buddies and friends are engaged in playing, which would create an effect. Looking at others’ life and doing the same things will never let you grow. You must have your mottos and the goals in your life to get addicted to but not gambling. Try to find out the best things in yourself to get rid of gambling.
  • Personal Factor – A man or woman can experience few traumatic events of their personal lives, resulting in their gambling addiction. One may have an obsession with playing, and that could bring about gambling addiction.

How to Recognize a Problem?

One needs to become aware that they’re becoming a gambling addict, and right here are a few signs that are playing addicts show.

  • You will be obsessed with playing the gambling game money limit.
  • One can’t forestall playing at any factor of the day. You don’t at all bother about what time of the day it is. The only thing you see is gambling, and you love it.
  • You are showing temper swings while now no longer playing. Your behavior changes day by day, and you become short-tempered. You start getting angry over small things.
  • You always start finding gambling as the essential thing to happiness. You no longer bother about your likes and dislikes over any other items.
  • Though you are addicted, you will never agree that you are. Even if someone will tell you about it, your temper goes up, but you would never agree that you are addicted to gambling.
  • You will start stealing or borrowing an immoderate amount of cash for playing the games. The more you lose, the more you play. You will never want to come out of it by losing. You will start investing more and more into it and will always want to make the cash grow from it.
  • When you lose money, and people know about it, you withdraw yourself from social gatherings to avoid the situation. Moreover, you will be so keen to play that you will start avoiding the people gathering and spare time for your loved ones.

What Steps do You Need to Take To Overcome the Addiction?

1) One desires to be responsible enough to take charge of themselves and not bask in an excessive amount of playing practice. Self-control is the essential thing that is going to help you here.

2) If you’ve got a monetary crisis, then don’t recall playing as a choice to earn. Try to look out for a few jobs. Betting works on luck. Your luck only appeared once when you must have won and got addicted to it. Fate is not going to support you, everyone.

3) Engage yourself in a few sports or pastimes, which can be extra beneficial, and attempt not to make playing a habit.

4) Try to restrict your money and time engaged in playing. Invest your money in a good scheme where the returns are guaranteed. You will never gain money all the time by betting.

5) Most importantly, if you have a hassle, choose a remedy with no delay. It would be best if you found the solution to it quickly before you lose enough of your money. Try to divert your mind and find out new things to do.

Three stages of Gambling Addiction Development:

1) The phase of becoming addicted – One in which the man or woman can’t prevent playing, and for the day, they keep doing that and may stop considering it.

2) The phase of losing – When someone fails, they get the surprising urge to win, and in this manner, if they maintain dropping, the desire doesn’t die, and that they keep on playing.

3) The phase of despair – One in which someone feels helpless and doesn’t sense satisfied if they may be not playing. These people may have tension and pressure while they may be not playing

Many organizations can be assisting humans internationally to conquer this addiction. Now it is no longer best that you ask your near ones like buddies and your circle of relatives as they may aid you and assist you in conquering this.

Tips for Playing

  • If you want to avoid bad beats while playing the gambling game, you need to keep in mind that you should not let the opportunity to beat you come to you. Keep your mind focused on the fun aspect of betting as well as how much money you could potentially make. If you are more worried about money than the fun of gambling, then it is best to skip gambling for a while and try something else.
  • If you find yourself in a hole and cannot get out, you should remember that gambling is not a game where you can sit back and expect to win. It would help if you thought about how you are going to beat the Competition.
  • If you do not think you have a good poker hand, you should wait and not risk losing any more money. You can also wait until you see how other players play the game before playing in it.
  • BE GAMBLE AWARE –0808 8020 133
  • GamCare – 0808 8020 133
  • GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS – 855-222-5542


Gambling is an exciting project, and it could also be very irritating if you aren’t aware of what to hold in thoughts at the same time as betting. It could be prevalent for gamblers to revel in terrible beats on their winnings. It is essential to hold your head above water, though. Remember, even in case you are down on yourself or you’re losing, it’s miles nonetheless feasible to pop out on top.

So, to save you from gambling addiction, the person that desires to recover from the habit of playing must follow numerous different pastimes in the location of playing. It can act as a distraction from the playing. Consequently, pastimes and analyzing books, yoga, workout, or doing any extracurricular fun may benefit from many methods. It could also help handle control of stress.