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Online Casino with Real Money in Philippines

Top 3 Casinos

100% UP TO $500
King Billy
$/€1000 + 200 FS, 100 FS Weekly
Casino Midas
€3000 + 150 FS

Best Real Money Online Casinos for Filipino Players

PNXBet Welcome bonus 100% UP TO $500
King Billy
King Billy Welcome bonus $/€1000 + 200 FS, 100 FS Weekly
Casino Midas
Casino Midas Welcome bonus €3000 + 150 FS
Playamo Welcome bonus $300 + 150 FS
22Bet Welcome bonus 100% UP TO ₱18,000
Boo Casino
Boo Casino Welcome bonus €1000 + 150 FS
bCasino Welcome bonus €1200 + 100 FS
EnergyCasino Welcome bonus €400
Casinonic Welcome bonus $1200
Dream Vegas
Dream Vegas Welcome bonus 200% UP TO €2500 + 50 FS
JellyBean Welcome bonus 100% UP TO €1000

Real Money Gambling in the Philippines

Real Money Casinos

Gambling in Asia differs a bit from that in the rest of the world. This type of entertainment has very strict rules in most countries so spending and earning real money online may seem difficult at first glance. However, all it truly takes is a deeper dive into the particular policies of each country in order to understand how users can enjoy themselves legally and profit from spending time online. Let’s take a closer look at the gaming market in the Philippines.

The Philippines allowed their residents to win real money from as far back as the 16th century. While today gambling is present in both legal and illegal forms all over the country, we here focus only on the legalized versions that any player can take part in without any fear for breaking the law. In particular, we will focus on playing and getting online real money.

There is one particular establishment which controls all the legal gambling in the Philippines. This is the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, otherwise known as PAGCOR. This is a government establishment which was not only created for the gamblers of the country’s population. No, it is actually the largest contributor to the country’s budget through the taxes collected. With over 10,000 employees, the corporation even has its own casinos and gambling clubs.

While initially they only controlled offline gambling, since 2016, they also manage online casino games to make sure everything is done according to the laws of the country, all taxes are paid in full amount and on time.

How to start playing for Real Money

Many new-time gamers find themselves at a loss when trying to choose one online casino real from the endless available. Have no fear, we’ve come to your rescue: compiled a list of the best options for you and created a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

  1. Browse through the table we created.
    Take a look at all the available options first. Perhaps some will jump out at you, others you will like more intuitively. You may even feel that some are luckier for you in particular because of any family charms, traditions or cherished numbers.
  2. Compare the bonuses and jackpots.
    Now take a look at more clearly-defined benefits among the various online gambling sites. Which one has a better bonus system/higher jackpot? Are welcome bonuses offered? Do they have limits for withdrawals? Is the payment system you like available there?
  3. Make a choice.
    Based on everything you looked through in steps one and two, try to make a choice. There is no need to jump in and bet online for real money. You can just see how the site feels when you get there. If it does not feel like you, go back and choose a different casino for real bets.
  4. Click the “Play” button.
    This may sound like you will start playing right away, but no. This is just a transfer-step for you to continue with this particular real money Philippines online casino.
  5. Register.
    All online casinos will require you to sign up before allowing you to spend money online casino. Make sure to enter a valid email as it will help you in case you forget your password to not leave all the winnings inside a locked account.
  6. Make a deposit.
    After registration, make your first deposit with the payment method convenient for you.
  7. Collect your bonus.
    Most offer a welcome bonus or even a welcome bonus package. Make sure to collect it and don’t let it go to waste.
  8. Start betting and finding your favourite games.

How to make a Deposit

Just to guide you by the hand from the very start, we decided to explain in detail the way you can make your first deposit to a casino real money using.

  1. Register.
    In order to deposit money for you and only you to use, you need to create an account. That way, your deposit stays locked under the login details you create.
  2. Go do the casino’s cashier.
    Each online casino for gambling has their own unique cashier system. Nevertheless, you can always find the “make a deposit” button in your account.
  3. Choose payment method.
    Some prefer Visa, others – Mastercard or one of the many payment methods available. An experienced money casino online offers many banking methods to choose from so select the one most convenient for you.
  4. Enter payment details.
    Depending on the chosen method in step 3, type in the payment details to proceed.
  5. Specify deposit amount.
    For the payment to go through, you need to enter how much you would like to deposit.

Just finish up and you are ready!

How to make a Withdrawal

Now that you know how to give your money to play games for real, it is time to learn how to collect the winnings you will undoubtedly be earning with enough practice.

  1. Confirm your account.
    In order for an online casino to give you money, they need to make sure you are a real person and all the entered details are correct.
  2. Find the “withdrawal” button.
    You can find it either in your account or in the casino cashier.
  3. Choose a withdrawal method.
    Find the banking method convenient for you to receive money.
  4. Enter withdrawal amount.
    You may want to withdraw everything or only a part of it, so make sure to specify it.

Follow the rest of the instructions on the screen and wait for the cash on your card. Once you understand how to make your first withdrawal from an online casino, the rest will be easy.

Bets Limit

At this point in time, you need to learn how to bet and how much to bet. There exists such a thing as bet limits. They usually vary from game to game, but in general the minimum starts between $5-10 and the maximum starts at $1000 and goes up-up-up on casino games for high-spend players. For newbies out there, this really is nothing to worry about. You can start getting the hang of it all at the minimum bets and once ready to level up, spend some time reading the fine print.

Every casino online real payout limits also sets. This differs from casino to casino, but there is an overall tendency for low stakes games to be paid out quickly and easily. Higher stakes may land bigger earnings and even jackpots. In order to collect bigger sums of money, it may take more time for the casino to process them. Moreover, they may have a particular withdrawal limit so make sure to read into this if you are planning to be a high roller.

The best advice we can give to the experienced players reading this – study the Terms & Conditions carefully. Especially pay attention to winnings over $1000, withdrawals and payment timeframes.

Advantages of Playing for Money

There are numerous reasons why users decide to play for real money. Let’s take a look at just a few.

  • Live Games
    Available only at real money casinos, live games give a different type of thrill. You cannot choose a different time or count on a recording. It is here and now.
  • Different-budget friendly
    Some prefer low bets, others prefer to bet high but the beauty of it is that anyone can give this a try, however much they make and however large or small their budget is.
  • Online promotions
    Online casinos want you to keep coming back because unlike a trip to Vegas, opening a browser tab is a lot easier. That’s why they offer many bonuses and promotions for online players.
  • Comfort
    There is something about the possibility to play real money games from the comfort of your home: be it behind your desk, on a sofa, or even in bed. No need to travel or even go out.
  • Safety
    If chosen correctly, gambling sites real are actually completely safe and secure for a number of reasons. Payment systems require them to meet the latest data-privacy standards, search engines like Google force them to have the latest website certificates and government agencies like PAGCOR make sure that all their finances and registrations are in order.
  • Game variety
    Thousands of games win real money for players. They come in all forms, shapes and sizes with an option for everyone.
  • A range of betting limits
    Starters can bet small, more experienced can bet big and there is a clear choice available.
  • Global 24/7 access
    This is the internet so sites are available any time day or night and even on holidays.
  • Possibility to win big
    All of us want a bunch of money to land in our lap. This is one of the only ways to make this dream a reality quickly.

Disadvantages of Playing for Money

With all the good, there is also a bit of bad that can come for those ready to play real money online.

  • Gaming addiction
    While we promote responsible gambling on a strict budget, for some this may be harder to achieve than for others. It’s important to understand when you are sliding down the rabbit hole and when it is time to stop for today or stop forever. Perhaps gambling is not for you. That’s fine. There are many other online entertainment options available.
  • Financial risks
    When you decide to play online casino, you are putting your money on the line. This is a risk whichever side you look at it from.
  • Transaction fees
    Some casinos cover these fees themselves, but some do not. That means that every time you deposit or withdraw money, you may need to pay extra for the transaction fees charged by some payment systems.

Real Money Casino Games Variety

Each online casino Philippines has a wide range of games for any player to choose from. Most are even available through the online casino app, which allows you for non-stop enjoyment even if you need to leave the house. There are lots of popular games available and many come with their own variations. Let’s look at some of the ones of the highest demand.

Real Money Slots

With them you can gamble online for real starting with bets under a dollar. They have themes ranging from ancient times to movies to underwater treasures and nearly anything you can think of. Something for everyone is about these slots.

Real Money Blackjack

You can pay real money to play one of the most well-known gambling games out there – blackjack. It started offline but has now made a full transition to the online world. Bet on a specific number or a group of them, choose a colour and start.

Real Money Roulette

One of the best beautiful and symbolic games of the gambling world, the roulette is sure to give you those Vegas vibes and captivate you until that ball lands on…

Real Money Baccarat

A card game so favoured that you have probably seen it even if you are unaware of the official name. A simple game of compare between the player and the banker, it allows for a quick batch with three possible wins – either one of the players or a tie is called.

Casino Banking

In the Philippines, there are a few payment systems that can be used for both depositing and withdrawing money from online casinos. Players that pay real money to play always want their favourite system available. Below are a few of the most common.

Debit and/or Credit Cards

These are usually your visa or master cards. They do come from other financial corporations too but are always easy to use. Simply type in the card number, expiration date, CVV and you are ready to go in most cases. Sometimes a text message with a verification code may come. But if you use your browser for remembering card details then you may only need to enter the CVV which simplifies the process even further.


The modern trend has become most popular with Bitcoin and Litecoin. These types of deposits are not always instant and may take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes to be processed. For withdrawals, the wait is even longer – up to an hour.


For playing on sites real money is the only way to be able to withdraw your earnings. E-Wallets are often the fastest for online casinos real. For quick withdrawals the most commonly used are Skrill and Neteller e-wallets thanks to their instantaneous processing and quick money transfers. Only if you withdraw a truly large some, then the transaction may take a few hours. Their only downside is that they are not your bank account. This means that once a sum of money lands in your e-wallet, for you to use it, you may also have to wait a few hours or even days depending on the sum and the limits of both your e-wallet account and your bank.

Secure Deposits

Online deposits to casinos can only be made once the business proves their worth. That means that they must be equipped with the latest technology, their site must have an active SSL certificate and a support team, which can solve any problem.

Payment systems create difficult requirements to meet and have separate teams controlling their realization. Since casinos want to be able to earn money, they always cooperate and follow all the instructions for proper verification and payment security.

This all may sound super easy, but these types of verifications can take anywhere from days to weeks to months depending on how ready the company was when applying for the needed certificates. In some companies, several departments are involved in making this happen. Financial specialists, tech gurus and even marketing experts may all be participating in validation of the various requirements.

Thus, you can be sure in the security of your deposits and private information you submitted when creating an account.

Bonuses for Filipino Players

Like any company interested in their customer base, casinos real money too want to do everything in their power to satisfy their clients and see them come back. For this, they have created a system of bonuses and promotions ready to jump in to help the player enjoy oneself more.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus sometimes even comes in a form of a welcome package which is basically several bonuses wrapped into one present. They are awarded to new users once they register with an online casino. Depending on the casino, a player may get bonuses for completing their profile, for verifying it, for making their first deposit and so on.

Reload Bonus

This type of bonus is rarer but is also a great incentive for gamblers. It is offered by some casinos as a thank you for making another deposit to their account. As part of the promotion they may add a percentage of the deposited amount to your balance and thus, provide you with more chances to play.

Loyalty/VIP Bonus

Loyalty programs are currently very trendy among online casinos. They offer constant incentives for your activity and engagement. Sometimes, they may offer you to join a VIP club which gives special perks to all users. Other times, you may need to complete a list of requirements to get this special VIP status.


Every holiday is an excuse for casinos to create a celebration and give bonuses to their clients. The most popular holidays like traditional and Chinese New Year get the biggest bonus offers. They allow players to use these bonuses together with real money and increase their chances of winning.

Types of Real Money Casinos

Online casino with real value have a whole range of products for clients to choose from. However, the casinos themselves may differ as well. Some do comprise all the different types out there, while others focus on one type in particular. Both have their advantages of either a wide choice or a narrow specialty.

Real Money Casino App

A online casino app real money Philippines real convenient for customers becomes especially those who are on their phones most of the time. Apps that pay surely become one of the most favorited ones on your phone. However, some casinos just create a mobile version of the site, instead of a separate app.
Online gambling apps in the Philippines that are compatible with multiple phone developers are very attractive though. They take full advantage of the latest advancements in mobile technology and by putting a lot of game options into it, they create an app real money which brings.

These apps take advantage of such phone features as its advanced battery, higher speeds of processing and progressive graphic possibilities to provide a breathtaking yet simple on-the-go gambling opportunity for players out there. You no longer need to sacrifice speed or quality of picture when stepping away from your laptop or PC. Phones are now so advanced that online casinos can provide you with an identical experience from your mobile device.

Live Casino

One thing that some find missing from regular online casinos is the thrill and excitement of finding out your winnings in real time. However, an online casino with live option available has solved this dilemma and transformed it into something even better. Now, instead of travelling, dressing up and playing in a cramped room shoulder-to-shoulder with others, you can enjoy live casino from your phone. No dress code to be followed, no specific visiting hours to adhere to.

Live Casino offers games real money and extra levels of excitement. This type of casinos allows players to play whenever they want and all the time staying in contact with live dealers available at that time. This type of casino also offers attractive promotional offers which allow gamblers to take advantage of great bonuses. Moreover, sometimes even low deposits are made available for casino games real to be enjoyed to their full potential in live mode.

Mobile Casino

If you are not ready to download a money casino app, then the mobile casino is what you need. It allows you to play for real from your phone or tablet: iOS or Android. While mobile friendly does apply to most online casinos today, unfortunately, not all are keeping up with the changing times. Consequently, their games are limited to the desktop.

However, mobile online gambling real fun becomes especially on those long trips in the car, bus or train. A simple entertainment which can even help you earn the money for the ride back. Most online casinos have now implemented HTML5 technology, which allows players to access and play the games on their website from anywhere in the world as long as they have at least a phone or tablet with them. This has truly transformed the market and increased its accessibility because not everyone even has a computer at home nowadays. You don’t need it when your phone can do it all.

How to Maximize Chances to Win

There are a few secrets to maximizing your winnings and we are sharing all the ones we know. Online casino play can be varied. You may be lucky one moment and unlucky the next. This is vital to understand. Therefore, as you are gambling real money online, pay attention to your luck level.

If you’ve just won big, you need to understand that you’ve probably used up any of the luck you had for today. Stop, take a breath, do a celebratory dance and enjoy being a winner. Decide if you want to spend any of the winnings and if so, start a withdrawal right away. Sure, leave some in the account and play for it tomorrow. But you need to let your luck restore so go find something else to do in the meantime.

Here are a few rules to follow.

  • Learn how to play before betting real money online casinos.
    There are lots of demo games available where you can play for free in practice mode. Learn the rules and master the basics before betting for real.
  • Choose only reputable casinos.
    To avoid any scams or security disappointments, choose only esteemed online casinos. We’ve created a list of some of the best ones so you can try sticking to it or checking all the site certificates before giving it any of your money.
  • Take advantage of bonuses.
    All casinos have some bonuses or others. Collect them and use them to earn from money casino games.
  • Take it slow.
    Don’t rush and try out different betting options.
  • Set a budget.
    Decide how much you are ready to spend for the day and stick to it.
  • Stop after winning big.
    This is the hardest to follow but trust us. This is the best way to learn your luck.

FAQ: Online Casino Games with Real Money in Philippines

  • How much can I expect to win in a casino play for real money?
    With the huge jackpots offered by some casinos, possible winnings are truly nearly unlimited. For any player it is vital to start and follow through with a clear budget though.

  • What currency can I use to play in real money games?
    Whichever, really. Most payment systems exchange whichever currency you have on your card to the one accepted by the website.

  • What is the lowest deposit in an online casino?
    This really depends on the casino, but you can expect them to be at about $5-20 easily. Remember that they may be followed with a welcome bonus for at least a small increase.

  • Can I play all of the games for real money?
    Yes, while some are available to be played for free, there is always an option to switch to an online casino and put some real bets on the virtual table.

  • Can I trust my money to casinos?
    Only if you choose reputable ones. You can do the security check yourself through analysing the owner and site certificates or you can choose one from the list we’ve compiled after doing a thorough check ourselves.

  • What does a payout percentage mean?
    This is another way to call the return to player or RTP. It is basically how likely you are to win in an online slot. Generally, the RTP is somewhere between 95-99%.