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Here we have given insight into the online-casino.ph privacy policy, which the user must read, understand, and acknowledge before using the Site’s services. The terms of service and privacy policy together are an agreement that constitutes a legally binding agreement between you and us and all governing relationships between you and us.

Important: Please review the privacy policy before your use of the Site or the services. By using or accessing the Site, you consent to the terms and conditions set in the agreement and agree to be bound by terms. You need to understand every point of the terms and the requirements that will help you in case of any issue.

Know About the Website Content and Services

All content is for informational purposes only. You can get information about all the types of casinos on our website. You need to relax and surf the kinds of casinos you are looking for. This website will take you to the most loved and your desired casino.

We are not an online casino. Therefore we do not carry out financial transactions. You can play from our suggested website, but by any means, we are not at all responsible for any loss of your money.

Moreover, we do not indulge in any of the conflicts between the website and the player.

We reserve the right to terminate or restrict your access to the Site and Services. We don’t need to give any explanation to any of the users regarding the termination.

All the above-detailed content mentioned on the website is for informational purposes only, and one must not claim that the information in the website has in any way misguided or misrepresented the Site. This Site does not operate any online casino and therefore does not carry out any financial transactions. The Site is not responsible for loss or conflict between the casino companies and the players involved in the Site’s operation. We own or reserve the right to terminate or restrict the sire and services to the violators of the Site.

What are Your Responsibilities?

By using our website, you confirm the below points and work with us.

  • You are over the legal age of 18 years.
  • You will make sure you use the website only for personal work and not for commercial activities.
  • You understand and make sure that by making use of the website, you do not violate any laws and the regulations of the website. Further, you will not perform any illegal activity and do not break any of the laws. We can always take strict action against you will damage your image.
  • The website has its terms and conditions, which may get updated from time to time without any notice. Hence, when you use the website, you refer to and read the terms and conditions correctly.
  • You will never use the website and break any laws by using violent and illegal content.

What if You Deny of Responsibility?

  • To make things clear, it must be known to you that your access to and use of the Site and the services and all materials on the Site or made available via the essential services is at your sole option, discretion, and risk.
  • Services and all the materials on the Site or made available on an “ASIN” Therefore there is no guarantee that there might be no errors on the Site, and it will work constantly.
  • The Site makes no warranty that the services and materials on the Site will meet the requirements and be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or mistake-free, that defects will be corrected, or that they are free of virus, spyware malware, or bugs.

The virus can be there on the website as the amount of traffic is the highest. We have made us of the best security and the antivirus service which will make your visit worth. We shall try our best to avoid the virus.

What Ownership Do we Possess?

  • This means that you can’t copy or steal something from the Site without taking written consent from the site managers. The Site’s content is wholly secured, and no person will copy something from the website.
  • If you are ever found missing the web site’s content or even using the content for any other use, you can get a legal notice from us. You will always be given a warning initially. But if you don’t withdraw the use of the content, we would take the step further.
  • If any of the accounts is found suspicious, we reserve the right to remove or delete the history. We don’t conduct any online transactions; hence we are not responsible for your loss of money. You cannot complain to us about any loss of money. We can take legal action against you if you are harassing us or sending us unnecessary emails.
  • We reserve the right to remove your identity and all the records from our website. Furthermore, as per the requirement, we keep the same with us for a more extended period and do not allow you to register back if your account is deleted because of suspicious activity.

Make Sure You Don’t Perform any Unauthorized Activity.

  • When you are visiting our website, you need to agree that you won’t cause any necessary harm to the website, that you are not someone who will hack the website or steal content from the website.
  • We always have your personal information, which we can use to give you legal notice if you are found doing any unauthorized or illegal activity on the website.

We Deserve The Right Remove Content

It means that the Site holds complete control over the Site. Whenever we want, we can delete any content from the Site; whenever we want, we can leave any content on the Site, i.e., it is totally up to us if we’re going to keep or delete anything from the Site.

We Do Make Use Of Third-Party sites And Content.

  • Our Site contains links that connect you to third-party resources. We do not indulge in any responsibility for those resources. If there is something wrong or whatever is going over there, we do not take any responsibility. All the risks are on you if you are clicking on those links for visiting these third-party resources.
  • To make great content on the website, we need to take the help of a third party. They will provide us the best content which can get more traffic.

Third-Party Gaming Sites

The Site provides many ads for other gaming sites, and by agreeing to the terms, you are going with the following points:

  • You live in a place where it is legal to play or use online gambling services. If you are not living in such a place, then you won’t be allowed to register. If you register using any VPN service providers, you are inviting legal action against you.
  • You have reached the minimum age that is required to play these online gambling services. You cannot hide your age or show the wrong age when you register on the website. The website will ask you to provide the Identity card and proof.
  • You are well known for the legal requirements that might apply in your area of jurisdiction. It would be best not to involve yourself in any of the offenses, leading to legal procedures.
  • You have followed, checked, and assured to agree with all the requirements of the gaming site and know that the result of your online gambling can lead to the loss of the money that you play or bet.
  • Third-party gaming websites are always risky and involve an investment of money. You are the whole and the sole responsible person for the money you lose on the third-party website. You cannot blame us for providing the details and taking you to that website.


The Site does not give you any confirmation that there are no risks; all the chances are upon you. Gambling and gaming websites need a lot of investment of money, depending on you only. You are yourself involved in the risk.

What Will be The Compensation for Damages?

By using the Site, you agree that you won’t cause any harm. You would hold harmless directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, customers, customers, and licensors from all claims, actions, claims, and other proceedings that connect with the Site and your use of the Site, Site Materials or any services, products or data obtained through the Site.

If, in any case, you are harming or copying the content of your website, you are inviting legal action against you. We already have your personal information, which we can use to send you the legal notice and proceed with the legal action.

What Are The Complaint’s Procedures?

  • If you have any grievances against the Site that the Site is violating your intellectual property, you must contact us through the contact form.
  • You can even take any legal action against us that you want. You can inform us with the help of the contact us form available. We are reviewing and trying to stay in touch with the customer wherever required and sort out the issues on priority.
  • You always need to notify us in case of any issue. The valid mail id is also available on the website. We can solve any problem amicably.

Modification of Conditions

  • We control the website to change our conditions any time we want; it is the user’s sole responsibility to check whether any infections have changed since their last visit.
  • We don’t need to take anyone’s permission to do the modification on the website. You can always check the website, join regularly, and understand the changes.
  • Suggestions are always welcomed. If you find any modification work or the correction is required, you can always reach us, and we would love to implement your suggestion if we like it.

Jurisdictional Issues

You agree that any action with the aid of using regulation or equity springing up out of or associated with those terms of use needs to be filed.

The area is duly only is living with inside the courts placed at [WHERE], and with the aid of using doing so, you compromise and publish to the private jurisdiction of such courts for the cause of adjudicating the sort of action

Termination of Use

  • The terms are only valid until you or we end them. You might terminate these terms of use at any point by discontinuing the use of the Site and finishing all materials obtained from the Site and the related documents.
  • If you want to remove all your records with us, you can always reach us with the help of the contact us form. We shall be there to support you consistently and delete your records from our system.
  • You shall never find such kind of service from any of the websites which delete your records. We are here to serve you.

What did the Basic Provisions say?

  • According to the laws of which jurisdiction these Terms and Consciences are written, the introductory provisions only apply to that particular area.
  • For example, gambling.com – indicates that all terms are written based on: Laws of New York State and laws of the USA.
  • Doesn’t matter you are reviewing and operating our website from different part of the world, the laws are always applicable as per the USA.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • The content on the website is fully secured and contains copyrights. No one can steal or copy content from the Site.
  • We do hold the right to exclusive use the content for us. If our range is used by any other website or elsewhere, then you are inviting legal action.
  • You can inform us about copyright infringement through our mail, or you can contact us via the contact form.
  • We always have our content, and it’s unique. Though, if you find that we are copying your content by any chance, you can always take legal action against us.
  • The contact us form is provided on the website, which will be helpful to you, and use the same to reach us.
  • We check our mail regularly and try to stay in touch with our users; we shall immediately correct our mistakes, if any.

Language Versions

  • If there is any dispute between the English language version of this policy and any other language version, then the English language version will be valid.
  • You might be working or operating from any part of the world, and it will not matter unless you are using the English language.
  • All the legal and law-related issues will be solved in the English language only. No other language will stand valid in the paper works also, and English will only be considered.