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Online Roulette in the Philippines

Top 3 Casinos

100% UP TO $500
King Billy
$/€1000 + 200 FS, 100 FS Weekly
Casino Midas
€3000 + 150 FS

Top Roulette Casinos in the Philippiness

PNXBet Welcome bonus 100% UP TO $500
King Billy
King Billy Welcome bonus $/€1000 + 200 FS, 100 FS Weekly
Casino Midas
Casino Midas Welcome bonus €3000 + 150 FS
Playamo Welcome bonus $300 + 150 FS
22Bet Welcome bonus 100% UP TO ₱18,000
Boo Casino
Boo Casino Welcome bonus €1000 + 150 FS
bCasino Welcome bonus €1200 + 100 FS
EnergyCasino Welcome bonus €400
Casinonic Welcome bonus $1200
Dream Vegas
Dream Vegas Welcome bonus 200% UP TO €2500 + 50 FS
JellyBean Welcome bonus 100% UP TO €1000

How to Play Online Roulette?

Online Roulette Philippines

Whether you are a beginner learning to play a roulette online game, or an experienced play who wants to brush up on their skills, there’s a game option for you. To find the right variation, you need to focus on the house edge, rules, and the bet range. These details will inform your choice, and once you settle on a game, you should:

  1. Hit the play button – the game launches and displays a new screen with the roulette game. You can either play roulette for real money or for free.
  2. Predicting numbers – the numbers on the game vary from one game variation to the next. Learn how each game works and ensure to read through the table before staking on any numbers, especially when playing roulette for real
  3. Placing your bet – every roulette game has a bet maximum and minimum. You can play some online roulette online for $0.1-$100.
  4. Place your chips on the table – your chips go on the outside or inside of the table. This is a crucial part of the game, and it is done for all plays, including free roulette online.
  5. Click spin – the game starts when you click the spin button, and it is time to get lost in the spinning wheel. This is one of the best parts when you play roulette games, online or otherwise.
  6. Wait for the outcome – as those who are on the free play roulette wait to see how accurate their predictions were, gamblers who are in for real money have more to look forward to. The more at stake, the more you are likely to win, so this part of the game is intense for players in different ways.
  7. Collect your wins – roulette online casino games pay well, and many professional gamblers will attest to this. If your predictions were correct, it’s time to collect your payout.
  8. Placing another bet – whether you won or lost, placing another bet and trying again is an option you should consider. You can always stake on the same roulette game or try other casino games roulette if you want to change up your play.

Free Online Roulette vs. Real Money Roulette

Online casinos give players the chance to decide whether to play online roulette for free or real money. Your choice is influenced by several factors, including knowledge of play, familiarity with the games, and the size of your bankroll. Both of these game online roulette alternatives offer similar perks and very few differences.

Free Roulette

Here are some benefits of playing online roulette free versions.

  • No need for account registration – new casino members are required to provide information such as an email address and full name when registering. You do not have to go through this process when you aren’t playing roulette for money.
  • No financial risk – you do not need to fund your account to enjoy a game of roulette. However, this also means no financial gain and you cannot access your wins.
  • Try new strategies – since there is no financial risk, you can try out as many strategies and bets for as many game variations and for as long as you want. You can then perfect them for when you want to play roulette real money and real money games.

Real Money Roulette

Playing real money roulette requires a significantly-sized bankroll, but it also gives you the chance to:

  • Win more cash – the stakes are higher, and so are the payouts.
  • Live casino – you get to play more games, including those in the live casino, which are only available for real money players.
  • Bonuses and promotions – casinos design offers for gamblers who play casino roulette for real money to help them extend their playtime and increase the chances of winning.
  • Variety of bet limits

How We Rate Roulette Casinos?

The majority of online casinos have a few options for gamblers who want to play roulette games. While most of the game selection choices are similar for most, choosing a casino goes beyond this. We examine online roulette sites based on their overall performance as casinos. This way, it is easy to establish that all your gambling activities, even when limited to online gaming, run smoothly. Some of the things we assess include:

  • Security – you will need to register and verify your account when playing casino roulette game for real money. These processes require personal information, such as identification and bank documents. The level of security and the type of technology used to ensure data and player safety are essential.
  • Fair gaming – online roulette casinos use random number generators (RNG) to determine where the ball lands. Gambling regulators offer certifications to back up the RNG; as such, the credibility of these licensing bodies comes to play. Some gamblers find the live casino more dependable on ensuring fair gaming since they can see the host.
  • Bonuses and promotions – most casinos don’t design offers specifically for roulette games online but allow the use of available bonuses and promotions.
  • Mobile devices – players want to access their favorite games whenever and wherever, and we review mobile roulette casinos for this feature.
  • Banking methods – offering various banking methods ensures that players can pick the ones that work for their individual needs.
  • Customer support – the best roulette online casinos have alternative avenues to contact support with an assurance of prompt assistance.
  • Game selection and developers – the foundational elements of this game are similar across the game variations. Therefore, casinos offer options in roulette online gambling by incorporating games from multiple developers. This way, you have access to the top roulette online games on one casino.

How to Start Playing Roulette for Real Money

The number of casino choices can be overwhelming, but once all the aspects mentioned above are defined, it is easier to pick out a top roulette casino. Once you find a platform that caters to your gambling needs, you will need to:

  1. Register and account – this takes a few minutes. You need to give your name and email address. On some sites, the account verification process is part of the registration: you will provide more information in this case.
  2. Claim the bonuses – casinos have a welcome offer. You can use this bonus to explore the casino or start playing. The promotions come with varying terms and conditions; as such, you should read through each to ensure that you adhere to all.
  3. Fund your account – you’ll need to deposit money into your casino account to claim most of the bonuses. Once you do, you can start playing for real money.
  4. Explore and enjoy the games – now, you can access the best roulette games in the gambling world. You can play as many as you want. Sometimes, however, the choices can be confusing, especially if you haven’t come across most titles. You can use the online roulette simulator to find which one works for you.

The Best You Can Make in Roulette to Win

It is a game of skill, and the first point of learning how to be good at it is understanding the bets, even when playing at best online roulette. The two main types of bets are outside and inside bets. The former includes those made on the outside of the table, while the latter means those made on the inside. Here is a breakdown of bets in each of the two categories:

Inside Bets

  • Straight up – you can pick any number. If the ball lands on it, you win, and if it doesn’t, you lose.
  • Split – players can bet on the line between the numbers. The odds are lesser in a split than in a straight bet, but your chances are higher since you win when the ball falls on either number.
  • Street – you place a bet on a row of three numbers. The street bet is also known as the steam or trio bets.
  • Corner – you bet on four numbers that touch, forming a square.
  • Line – this is like a street bet, only that you bet on two rows of three’s in a line bet.
  • Five Number – you stake on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. The five-number bet is also known as the top line bet.
  • Basket – you bet on the first four numbers.
  • Snake – numbers 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34 are covered in one wager.

Outside Bets

  • Columns – you win when the ball falls on any number on the three columns. The first column is made of values 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34, the second includes 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 35, and the third 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36. The payout for this bet is double your stake.
  • Red/Black – you bet on the colors red or black.
  • Odd/Even – your prediction is on the odd or even numbers.
  • High/Low – numbers 1-18 are higher, while 19-36 are high.
  • Dozens – you bet on numbers that fall between 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36.

The odds for the red/black and odd/even bets are less than 50/50 because of the 0, 00 numbers on the wheel.

Table with Odds & Payouts for European and American Roulettes

Roulette Bet European Roulette Odds American Roulette Odds Payout
Single Number 2.70% 2.60% 35 to 1
2 Number Combination 5.4% 5.3% 17 to 1
3 Number Combination 8.1% 7.9% 11 to 1
4 Number Combination 10.8% 10.5% 8 to 1
5 Number Combination 13.5% 13.2% 6 to 1
6 Number Combination 16.2% 15.8% 5 to 1
Column 32.40% 31.6% 2 to 1
Dozen 32.40% 31.6% 2 to 1
Even/Odd 48.60% 47.4% 1 to 1
Red/Black 48.60% 47.4% 1 to 1
Low/High 48.60% 47.4% 1 to 1

Over the years, professional roulette gamblers have tested various strategies in their play to determine which ones work best. Some are more effective than others, and players might customize the strategy to fit their play every once in a while. Here are some strategies you should practice before you start playing real money roulette online:

Martingalethe concept in this strategy is to double the size of your bet with every loss. It relies on the idea that the more you lose, the better your chances of winning in the next round. This way, when you do win, you recover what you lost.  

D’Alembertthis strategy relies on balance; you increase your bet by one for losses and decrease by the same value after a win.

Fibonacciadd the previous two numbers to add to the size of your bet. This strategy requires a large bankroll.

How do Online Roulette Games Work?

An RNG determines the results of each spin. These offer random sequences and transfer them to the roulette game. As such, the wins and losses are not influenced by any factor of play. This randomness of the results makes it that roulette online gaming works in the same way as land-based games.

In live online games. The live dealer offers similar services as the land-based dealer, ensuring the games are fair.

The game variations have similar guidelines of play but will differ in several ways. Each table has its rules of play; the bet range varies, and so does the house edge. Ensure to look through the terms and conditions before playing any casino roulette online game. This will help you customize your play.

Online Roulette Philippines

American Roulette

This is a game for experienced risk-takers. American Roulette has one extra pocket that decreases your odds for all bet strategies. The game has 38 divisions with numbers 1-36 and 0, 00. You get paid when the ball lands on your game.

European Roulette

The game has 37 pockets, and it has one 0. The presence of only one zero significantly reduces the house edge, increasing your chances of winning. You need to predict where the ball will land after the wheel stops spinning to play the game.

French Roulette

This variation of the game became popular after the French revolution. The wheel resembles that in European roulette. However, French Roulette has more bet options than the latter. You can try out any unique strategy on the roulette free game before playing for real money.

Mini Roulette

The game gas numbers 0-12, with only one zero. This makes the house edge low and your odds higher. Suppose the ball lands on the 0, player receives half the stakes. The odd numbers are red, while the even ones are red.

Multi-Ball Roulette

You can play with up to 10 balls, and each ball has a varying effect depending on where it lands. The odds in this game are higher.

Multi Wheel Roulette

You can bet on up to 8 roulette tables at the same time. The wheels spin simultaneously. Your bet is applied across all the wheels. Like a slot game, you can adjust the number of wheels you are playing with at any point in the game.

The game follows similar guidelines as European Roulette, and your wins for a round can either be added to your bankroll or left on the table. Your odds are higher in the Multi-Wheel Roulette.

Best Filipino Free Roulette Games

Different Variants with Online Roulette

The main online roulette Philippines game variants depend on where you access the games. Most casinos offer all options to cater to all players. The experiences from the different roulette variants might differ, so you should consider trying all of them to determine which ones work for you.

Live Dealer Roulette

The live casino is only accessible to real roulette online money players. The games happen in real-time. The dealer operates the game from a studio, and you can live stream this to your phone or computer. The live casino allows you to communicate with the dealer and other players as the game progresses.

However, the accessibility in the live chat option varies based on the game developer. Although American, French, European are standard titles you will find in online roulette casinos, the game quality, design, and other perks vary from one software provider to the next.

Live casinos are designed to provide gamblers with a real roulette casino online gambling experience that resembles on they would have in a land-based casino. As such, in live roulette, you get to enjoy some of the excitement that comes with being on a casino floor. The realistic aspect of the live roulette games depends on the quality of the display.

Before playing on a live casino online roulette, you need to fund your bankroll. Once you do this, you should look for a game variation that works for you. It is crucial to note that an online roulette game variation might have several tables, and each has its rules. Choose the right table, and you can start enjoying the perks of play.

Some gamblers opt to take several seats at a live roulette table to increase their odds. This option is not available on all games.

Mobile Roulette

You can access your favorite roulette games from an array of Android and IOS devices. This is made possible by highly-responsive websites, which is one of the factors we look at when rating the best roulette casinos. This, together with the developer’s use of HTML and Flash technology in the games, makes it possible for you to play your favourite roulette game from your phone or tablet.

The online roulette games are available on instant play or download option. If you opt for the download option, you should ensure that the device you are using can handle the task of running a game. Some games require a lot of space, which can either slow down your phone or affect the quality of your gaming.

The instant play option is easier to use and less tasking. All you need is to log in to your casino account, and you are good to go. You only need one account to log in on as many devices as you want.

The convenience offered by the mobile roulette games option might be deemed because some live roulette game variations do not work on mobile devices. This can be for several reasons; for instance, the game might be small in size.

However, this should be cause for alarm as you still have access to many other roulette games.

Bonuses in Online Roulette Casinos

Online casinos are big on bonuses, and you should always go for a platform with many options for roulette players. These give you a bankroll boost, which could be beneficial to you in several ways. First, you could use it to explore the roulette casino sites, or invest in a specific play. Both options increase your playtime. Some of the standard bonuses include:

  1. Welcome offer – this is the first bonus you get after registration. This promotion might be attached to a wagering requirement, validity period, and deposit and withdrawal limits, depending on what it comprises. Be sure to look through the terms and conditions for all this information.
  2. No Deposit – since the live casino is only accessible to real money players, casinos provide a no deposit bonus. This promotion allows you to play at the live casino without any risk or investment. Some casinos offer guidelines on how you can access your wins from the no deposit bonus after you start playing for real money.
  3. Matched deposit bonuses – the casino gives you a 100% bankroll boost for whatever amount you deposit into your account. Although these offers are attractive, their real value is in the wagering requirement. As such, ensure to go through the details before claiming them. They can be the best roulette bonus.
  4. Reload bonuses – casinos offer you the chance to continue your play with a reload bonus. This is a highly welcome bonus, especially when your bankroll runs out, and you wish to keep playing.
  5. Loyalty program –players are awarded points according to how much they spend on the casino. These points can later be converted to facilitate more playtime or withdrawn as cash.

Useful Tips for Real Money Roulette

The thrill of online roulette gambling will have you going back every time you have a chance. This excitement will be more potent if your play involves real money. However, before you jump the gun and start playing roulette for real money, you need to ensure that you are ready. This is a game of skill, and strategies are as important as luck is. Here are some things you should do when it comes to playing for real money:

  1. Learn first – you can read more about roulette strategies and try them out in the free roulette casino. This way, you don’t lose a lot of money when you start playing for real money.
  2. Find the right online casino – as earlier mentioned, many casinos don’t always translate to many choices. Find a credible real online roulette casino that ensures fair gaming and security.
  3. What are the payouts – your bets and odds determine the size of your payouts. Ensure you understand what you stand to gain before you play.
  4. Play the outside – this way, you will get money back if the ball lands on 0.
  5. Increase odds on the inside – this is one of the many strategies that have been proven to work.
  6. Try an online roulette strategy – some strategies, like the Martingale, have a peculiar origin, which might influence your perception of them. However, the fact that it has been used for a long time shows that it works. Try a few strategies, if only to find out what the fuss is about.
  7. Pace yourself – the Fibonacci strategy has one of the fast-growing bet sizes in roulette. This means that you will run through your bankroll with this strategy than many others. It is crucial to pace yourself to increase your playtime. This way, you can try more strategies when one doesn’t work.
  8. Check the wins – look through the previous wins. This might help you predict future ones.
  9. Set a limit – how much are you willing to spend, and how much of it are you willing to lose? This way, you can walk away from the game.
  10. Walk away after the win – you might be tempted to try your luck a few more times. It’s best to walk away while you are winning.

FAQ: Roulette Online in the Philippines

  • Can you win real money with free roulette?
    No. You need to fund your casino account before you start winning cash.
  • Can I trust online roulette?
    Yes. The wins and losses are determined by the Random Number Generator (RGN), and it is not influenced by anything.
  • How much can I deposit?
    You can play for up to $1000 in online roulette.
  • What do you need to play online roulette?
    You need to find an online roulette casino offering the game. If you want to play for real money, you should register an account, fund it and start playing.
  • Can I play for real money on a mobile?
    Yes. Mobile casinos have the same benefits you would get on an online casino.
  • What the house edge in roulette?
    This is the edge the casino has on a player. It varies through all the roulette variations.
  • What bets can give me the best payouts in a roulette game?
    Red/Black, Even/Odds, Split, straight, and columns.