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Castle Builder 2 Slot in the Philippines

Castle Builder II
Play for free
Reels 5
Paylines 15
Min. Bet 0.15
Max. Bet 30
RTP 97.75%

The Microgaming developing company, which occupies a leading position among the manufacturers of slot machines, managed to declare loudly itself again with the release of the video slot Castle Builder 2. Castle Builder 2 is a full-fledged strategy game with RPG elements, in which bets are drawn against the background of a finished plot and exploration of a huge virtual world. The elements of the two types of interactive entertainment are so closely intertwined with each other that it is impossible to answer who the project is more focused on – casual player or an experienced gambler.

Castle Builder 2 Review

Fans of traditional video online slots could hardly have thought that one day before starting the reels, they would have to choose a character, which would directly affect the gameplay. This is exactly what happens in Castle Builder 2 at the start. The player needs to decide on the main character. The skill of an experienced architect Sam will allow you to build castles faster while spinning the reels, which means that you will get bonus games more often. Pretty Mandy is not that strong in the art of building but gives access to free spins. The third character is also present in the game – the warrior Igor. At the initial stage, it is blocked, and gamblers will be able to play using its services after completing part of the internet storyline. As in the first part, Castle Builder 2 splits the screen into two parts. On the left, there are the reels of a 5-reel slot with 3 rows of symbols and 15 paylines. In the right one, buildings are erected from materials that fall on the playing field in the form of symbols with wood, bricks, stone, and iron ore. All castles have unique characteristics, and their appearance depends on the kingdom on the lands in which the construction is taking place. Besides you have an ability to play the mobile slot in any devise.

Castle Builder 2 Gameplay

The game features 15 different lands on which the characters have to create 75 castles. The transition to the neighboring kingdom is carried out after the ruler has no orders for the characters. At each stage, you can get comprehensive information about the king, his lands and learn about construction plans. To move around the played world, a map is used, on which it is noted which of the heroes will have to develop the corresponding lands. Locations are strikingly different from each other: fields, forests, deserts, mountainous areas, seaside, etc. This brings variety to the game and captivates the gambler for a long time. As the castle is erected at each stage, the amount of incentive is accumulated, the drawing of which takes place in the bonus game. It naturally fits into the plot of Castle Builder 2. When the building is completely ready, a representative of the high society settles in it, and the player will have to choose for him a bride or groom and several options presented on the screen. The size of the payment depends on this choice.


The Castle Builder 2 slot machine is the most unusual video slot that can be found in Philippine online casino. Due to the peculiarities of its gameplay, the introductory mode, presented in the game, is of particular importance. The demo version of Castle Builder 2 is available for fun and without registration, which allows you to immerse yourself in the gameplay even for casual gamers who have never launched a gaming machine in their life.


  • Can I play Castle Builder 2 on a mobile device?
    Yes, this is possible thanks to the available version of the slot for a mobile device.
  • Is the practice mode available in this slot machine for free?
    Yes, you can play in demo mode in this slot.
  • What is the percentage of return to the player of the Castle Builder 2 slot?
    The percentage of return to the player is 95%.
  • Is there a bonus game in Castle Builder 2 slot?
    Yes, the whole slot machine does not look like standard slot machines, which attracts players.