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King Kong Slot in the Philippines

King Kong
Play for free
Provider Playtech
Reels 5
Paylines 20
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 1
RTP 95.5%

King Kong hit the screens in 1993 and immediately became a very popular thing all around the world. It was a sensual story about a huge ape-like creature, which was discovered on some island in the ocean. In 2005 Peter Jackson released his version of this incredible blockbuster, and it made it to a huge amount of screens in every existing country. So we thought it would be interesting, if today we, dear gambler, together will explore the beautiful world of the video slot made based on the famous movie. Buckle up and go with us on this adventure, as it is the online slot worth being played!

King Kong Slot Review

The slot developer is Playtech. This is a 5-reel, 20-pay line slot machine. The developers have provided for the ability to play in 2 modes. There are also Wild and Scatter symbols, a re-spin option, bonus game. The range of rates is from $0.01 to $2. If the player bets the maximum on all lines, the total bet is $40. The most valuable combination in the game is five wild symbols. You can play the game for free at practice mode or enjoy different possibilities of winning real money in casino. The theoretical percentage of return of the slot (RTP) is 95.5%.


Portraits of Carl, Ann, Jack, and Englehorn – characters from the movie are used as symbols. There are also playing cards. The functions of Wild are performed by a super gorilla.
Wild symbols can form individual combinations or replace missing elements in potentially winning combinations. The only sign that cannot be replaced by Wild is Scatter. Re-launches will activate 3 gorillas on the playing field depending on the game mode selected by the user. The game’s logo serves as a scatter symbol. A varied bonus program will please you. Two modes, different types of bonus games, and free spins will help you to have fun and get decent payouts. However, you should keep in mind that there is no jackpot, which is not good news for you if you like to try your luck, but if you prefer to play for fun, it is fine.

King Kong Gameplay

The plot can develop along two lines: the events take place in the jungle of the metropolis. These are two different modes with identical pay tables, but different symbols. Bonus games and functionality differ, so the user should choose the most suitable mode at the time of launching the video slot game. Jungle Mode features Wild Jungle Re-Launches and the Skull Island Bonus bonus game. And in the “Big City”, the player will be pleased with the “Wild King Kong Re-Launches” and the bonus round called the “City Tower Bonus”. Winnings are awarded if combinations of 2, 3, or more identical symbols appear on adjacent reels. This rule does not only apply to Scatter.


Playtech’s artists and designers have exceeded all expectations. King Kong features unique graphics and good voice acting. Two modes allow you to diversify the gameplay, transferring the user to completely different realities – the metropolis and the wild jungle. The start of the game and bonus rounds is accompanied by spectacular videos that are as engaging as a full-length movie. You can play it in different Filipino online casinos or enjoy the demo version and play for free with no money investments.


  • Can I win a jackpot?
    No, there is no opportunity to hit a jackpot, but the bonus promotions are still very profitable.
  • Is this Internet slot adapted for playing on mobile?
    Yes, you can play it from any device you have!
  • Who are these people at icons?
    These are the characters of Peter Jackson’s King Kong, which is the basis of the game.
  • Do I have an option for a risk game?
    Sadly, no, but you can play the demo safely!