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Vegas Strip Blackjack in the Philippines

Vegas Strip Blackjack
Play for free
Provider Microgaming
Min. Bet 1
Max. Bet 200
RTP 99.65%

Vegas Strip Blackjack Review

Welcome! To our true and (almost) full story about another four-deck table game! Here’s the surprise: we will tell you everything about one of the most famous games all around Las Vegas. Today, dear gambler, you’ll acquire all the info about Strip Blackjack, all its rules, aspects and details, which you didn’t even know you ever needed. Named by the huge area of Vegas, which is full of a colossal amount of hotels and casinos for any needy gambler, it has quickly become the classic game. This blackjack is usually called US Blackjack. The online version powered by Microgaming provides all the quality features, which include incredible graphics and mesmerizing sound.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Features

As long as the basis of the blackjack is traditional, it has all the usual rules that also have some special features to the standard ones just for fun. For example, the dealer always checks their cards for the winning combo first. Also, the dealer stands on all 17 points. There’s one main difference in US Blackjack. In American Blackjack, the dealer is performing if the card is a 10, face or Ace. For the Vegas Strip, it’s just the ace. Minimal bets start with $5 and are limited to $500, that’s the highest amount from all the existing Filippino online casinos.


The ultimate rules of this classic type are not a far cry from others. However, you must keep in mind some tips that distinguish this Blackjack in particular. The payment for getting 21 in 2 cards will be 3:2, but some casinos make it 6:5. While splitting aces, you should watch if the second card comes to you with a ten, then such a hand will be taken as the usual 21 points but that won’t be blackjack. Note: you can only split aces once and there’s only one card given per split aces. You can split different ten-point cards as well. What about doubling? Well, you can double your bet on any of the first two cards. The doubling amount is equal to your original bet. Another thing you want to know about is the special Bonus, which will be yours if you hit Blackjack, with 50:1 available for Ace and Jack of spades.


Vegas Strip give us an exciting kind of Blackjack based on traditional rules with some modifications. If the player wins on a regular combination, the received payout will be 1:1. Prize combination is paid as 3:2, and insurance payment will be 2:1. Classically it’s played with four decks that the dealer shuffles between spins. The dealer firstly gives cards – two to themselves, and then the same amount to the player. Vegas Strip is not the most famous type, but it’s an excellent and exciting blackjack to gamble for a special playing experience. As we mentioned before, the origin of this game goes back to Las Vegas. Thus, with the most popular types, Las Vegas is rightfully considered the capital of gambling both in real life and on the Internet. The good news is that you, the reader, can play their demo for free in practice mode, without even leaving your home. So good luck and let the game begin!


  • What’s the story behind the game’s name?
    It’s named after a very famous and popular Las Vegas area with the most expensive hotels, casinos and restaurants.
  • How is it different from other blackjacks?
    The dealer is not using the 10 or face card, just an ace.
  • Who’s the first to pick up their cards?
    The dealer is the first in this type of blackjack.
  • What combination of 21 won’t be counted as a Blackjack?
    If you have 21 points with the split Ace, it’s not considering a Blackjack.