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American Roulette Online in the Philippines

American Roulette
Play for free
Provider NetEnt
Min. Bet 1
Max. Bet 500
RTP 94.74%

American Roulette Review

Do you know which version of the Roulette game is most popular across the United States? As strange as it may be, American Roulette is the most popular among Americans. This classic casino game is quite interesting and easy to understand. The Roulette game is full of a wide variety of bets. Gamblers are delighted with American Roulette, you can play it both online and live. Even beginners can play it, they can try the free version of the game. Later in the article, we will describe in more detail the American type of roulette game. So let’s move on.

Wheel and Table Layout

American Roulette is also known as Double Zero Roulette. This means that unlike European and French roulette, it has 38 cells (also called pockets) with numbers from 1 to 36, 0, and another unique double 0. Interesting fact: Double zero increases the house edge. Pockets with zero and double zero are green (these 2 unique pockets are located opposite each other in the wheel), while other cells are coloured red and black, as in other versions of Roulette. All cells in the wheel are the same size, which gives an equal probability of hitting the ball in any numbered pocket.

American roulette table and wheel

American Roulette Features

At this point in the article, we want to tell you more about the functions provided in the game of American Roulette.

As mentioned earlier, thanks to the presence of zero and double zero in this version of Roulette (which makes it unique among other types of this game), the casino advantage is much higher than in other types of Roulette games. The basic house edge in American Roulette is 5.26%. It’s important to note what this means: For every 100 units wagered, players are expected to have around 94.74 units (that’s in the long run). This is much higher than other types of this game. For example, we can compare that in the European version of Roulette, the house edge is 2.70%. Although the payouts in all versions of online casinos are equal, it is worth noting that the possibility and probability of winning in the European version of Roulette are higher than in American Roulette. The RTP (Return to Player) in American Roulette is 94.74%. For comparison: when, like in European Roulette, for example, it is equal to 97.30%. A great option to experience casino Roulette is the free version thanks to the free spins (especially important for beginners).


Let’s move on to the main basic aspect for understanding the game of American Roulette – the rules of the game and understanding the process of the game. That is, we will discuss the practice mode.

The main task of the player is to predict and name the number of the pocket in which, in his opinion, the ball, rotating inside the Roulette wheel, will stop. Bets are accepted from the moment the players are dealt with their chips. Chips are coloured in different sizes depending on their value, this was invented to facilitate the payout process. It is important to note that there are two types of bets in American Roulette: inside and outside. This, by the way, is a general similarity to European Roulette. Inside bets have a higher chance of winning, these bets (as the name goes by) are placed inside the grid. As soon as the process of placing bets is completed, the dealer spins the Roulette wheel in one direction, and the ball spins in the opposite direction. When a ball lands in a cell with a certain number, the dealer calls it to all players. Those players who guessed the number immediately receive their winnings.

Mobile American Roulette

Now it has become very popular to create online casinos. It is very convenient, fast, and allows players from all over the world to join a specific phone casino to play their favourite gambling games. It is rare to find a casino that does without such a popular American Roulette. It is very popular among Americans, and especially among the Filipinos. That is why you can play the mobile version of American Roulette online on any device, both for free and for real money. You can download the application to the Android or iOS platform or play in the browser using the Internet.

Live American Roulette

Despite the convenience of using mobile devices to play American Roulette, many gamblers prefer to play this type of Roulette live. Of course, it is very pleasant and unforgettable to visit a real casino, sit down at a real American Roulette table, your bets will be accepted by real dealers, and the casino staff, who are real professionals in their field, will follow the game. The feeling of competition in the presence of other players at the American Roulette table creates a special charm. Nevertheless, the rules of the game remain unchanged, both for the online game and for playing it live.


Having made a short overview, we have covered all the important aspects of the American Roulette game. We have described all the principles and rules of this type of Roulette, which is popular among Filipinos. Expressing our own opinion about American Roulette, we would like to say that it immediately attracted our attention. This game has a unique double zero pocket, which immediately makes it more interesting and unusual. Summing up, we would like to say that we perfectly understand the choice of gamblers who have left American Roulette a priority for fun. Do you wonder why? Be sure to try it and see for yourself.


  • Why are people attracted to playing American Roulette?
    It has a wheel with a unique double zero pocket, which is not found in other types of games.
  • What is the minimum bet on American Roulette?
    The minimum bet is $2 (for an outside bet, the threshold is $5).
  • What is the maximum bet on American Roulette?
    It depends on the policy of the casino you have chosen, on average, the amount is from $1,000 to $10,000.
  • Are there any strategies for playing American Roulette?
    There are a wide variety of strategies for playing this type of Roulette, the most popular being Passwords and Martingale.